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Science fiction suspense thriller, in which a rescue space ship crew meets up with horrors projected by their own imaginations.
As a lone spaceship proceeds on a rescue mission, its surprised crew encounters a strange pyramid form. Surprise turns to horror as, one by one, they discover their darkest nightmares all starting to become real. The pyramid has to be behind it all somehow, but how can they save themselves from its influence?
It&#39;s difficult for me to recommend this film to anyone as GALAXY OF TERROR is certainly not a &quot;good&quot; movie. However, among the other ALIEN clones I would say it fares the best in really recreating the &quot;feeling&quot; of the original. So much so, in fact, that I think it certainly helped the case for 2nd unit director James Cameron to find work directing the official sequel ALIENS.<br/><br/>Actually, the concept for this feel feels much more in line with, say, SPHERE or EVENT HORIZON with an ensemble cast on some dark mission in the dark corners of space battling their worst nightmares on a harsh and unforgiving environment.<br/><br/>As far as environment goes, this film captures it in spades. Considering it&#39;s a Roger Corman production with an even smaller budget than its predecessor (the previous year&#39;s BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS), GOT boasts surprisingly credible production design and special effects. The costume design reminds one of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the sound reminiscent of &quot;Star Trek&quot; (complete with the same photon torpedo effects), though all given a unique gloomy atmosphere of dread thanks to its special effects department and much of Barry Shrader&#39;s resourceful, low-tech, but effective score. Jacques Haitkin&#39;s nightmarish cinematography helps a lot too, often going monochromatic blue and red further heightening the shocks.<br/><br/>Structured like a horror movie at a slim, fast-paced 81 minutes, the film puts a lot more creative energy into staging some quality kills than setting up its characters. In fact, the gritty tone is nearly destroyed early on with some comparatively bright and cheery scenes of the human home-world (not Earth?) and its pathetic attempt to set up the universe and characters. We only get via a brief voice-over that the home planet &quot;Xerxes&quot; is run by some kind of omnipotent &quot;Master&quot; who exercises unquestioned control over space missions but we never see him do anything powerful. As one-dimensional as he is, none of the other characters come off as even slightly more interesting than The Master and we never really get to know or care about any of them, other than that they&#39;re played by an assortment of colorful recognizable B- movie and TV stars.<br/><br/>A better script would have propelled this into the major leagues, but as it stands, GALAXY OF TERROR remains an effective cult classic with enough gore, shocks, scares, and atmosphere to provide enjoyment for less-discriminating B-movie fans.
From the first 5 minutes you can tell this is going to be daft. The characters are fairly one dimensional (the rebel captain, the nervous noob, the old man commander), the names and setting are borderline fantasy in genre rather than hard sic fi, and the storyline is fairly silly - characters do daft things for no obvious reason. The cast is a lot of b movie and tv stars you&#39;ll recognise even if you can&#39;t name them (assuming youre the right sort of age). This is also a rip off of Alien, and might almost have been an inspiration to Aliens… But don&#39;t let the comparison fool you into thinking this is of the same quality. This is pure trash, but without having pretensions to be any thing more than that. Its just dumb fun - so just switch off your brain and enjoy the ride.

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